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Model : 2500

Features of a slide cabinet may include:

  1. Drawer system: Slide cabinets usually consist of multiple drawers where individual slides can be stored. These drawers may be pull-out or sliding, making it easy to retrieve or replace slides as needed.

  2. Slide slots: Each drawer contains multiple slots or compartments, each capable of holding one slide. These slots help organize and separate the slides to prevent damage and make it easier to find a specific slide when needed.

  3. Labels and indexing: Many slide cabinets have provisions for labeling or indexing the drawers and slots. This allows users to categorize the slides based on subject, date, or any other relevant information, which aids in quick retrieval.

  4. Dust protection: Slide cabinets often have features to protect the slides from dust, light, and other potential sources of damage. This includes sealed drawers and possibly anti-static materials.

  5. Material: Slide cabinets are commonly made of durable materials like metal, plastic, or wood. Metal cabinets are preferred in some environments for their robustness and fire resistance.

  6. Capacity: Slide cabinets come in various sizes and capacities, ranging from small desktop units with just a few drawers to larger floor-standing cabinets with dozens of drawers.

  7. Slide cabinets are particularly useful in settings where preserving and managing visual information in slide format is important. Historically, they were widely used before digital imaging became prevalent, and while they may be less common in modern times, they still hold value in certain fields where physical slides are maintained for archival or specialized purposes.

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